Tastings and types of tastings (II)

Tastings are a careful tasting process that allows us to appreciate and understand the complexities of wine.There are several types of tastings, each designed to explore different aspects of wine. From the grape variety to the...

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Tastings and types of tastings (I)

The world of wine offers a fascinating experience that goes beyond enjoying a simple glass. An exciting and educational way to explore this universe is through wine tastings, allowing amateurs and experts to discover the differences...


The Ribera del Duero vineyard in April

The arrival of April marks a crucial moment in the life cycle of the Ribera del Duero vineyards. When spring arrives, significant changes occur, starting a new cycle in the vineyard, a time of much work in the field.At the beginning of...

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Wine Vocabulary VII

Understanding and using the right language can greatly enrich your wine experience. From basic terms to more sophisticated expressions, this is a linguistic journey so you can enjoy each sip of wine even more. Acidity is a fundamental...


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