Bacchus Awards, quality guarantee

The Bacchus Awards are an internationally renowned event that celebrates excellence in the world of wine. Organized by the Spanish Union of Tasters (UEC). These awards, created in 1996, have the main objective of recognizing and promoting the quality of wines globally, as well as promoting knowledge and appreciation of this ancient drink.

Every year, within the framework of the Bacchus Awards, a competition is held where expert tasters from different parts of the world come together to evaluate a wide variety of wines from various wine-growing regions. This diversity of participants and samples guarantees an impartial and exhaustive evaluation, as well as the representation of the richness and diversity of the current wine panorama.
The Bacchus Awards tasting methodology is rigorous and professional. The tasters, selected for their experience and oenological knowledge, carry out blind tastings, which means that they do not know the identity of the wines they are evaluating. This approach guarantees an objective evaluation, focused solely on the organoleptic qualities of each wine, such as its aroma, flavor, body and persistence in the mouth.
The wines participating in the Bacchus Awards are classified according to their type and geographical origin, which allows for fair competition within each category. In addition, gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded to wines that stand out for their exceptional quality, providing recognition to both established and emerging producers. In 2023, Bodegas Federico obtained a Silver Bacchus for the Red Federico Roble.

The importance of the Bacchus Awards lies in their prestige and recognition within the world of wine. Obtaining a medal in this competition is not only an endorsement of quality for producers, but can also mean a significant boost for the marketing and distribution of the award-winning wines. Consumers trust the distinctions awarded in the Bacchus Awards as a seal of quality assurance, which helps promote wine culture and boost the wine industry as a whole.
In addition to the competition itself, the Bacchus Awards usually include parallel activities such as master tastings, seminars and conferences given by oenology experts, in which topics relevant to the wine sector are addressed. Complementary activities that offer a unique opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and experiences between wine professionals, as well as for the enjoyment and education of wine lovers.
The Bacchus Awards are much more than a simple wine competition; They are a meeting point for wine lovers, a showcase for oenological excellence and a driving force for the promotion and development of the wine industry worldwide. Through its dedication to quality and its commitment to the dissemination of wine culture, the Bacchus Awards continue to play a fundamental role in the promotion and recognition of the art of winemaking.