the body of wine

Wine is much more than a drink. It is an expression of the art and passion of those who grow the vines and make this exquisite millennial drink. One of the most intriguing and appreciated aspects of wine is its “body”. In the context of the red wines of the Ribera del Duero, we will explore what the body of the wine means and how Bodegas Federico has managed to stand out in the creation of its Red Federico Roble, Red Federico Crianza, Red Federico Reserva and Red Federico Gran Reserva wines.
What is the Body of Wine?
The body of the wine is a sensory characteristic that describes the sensation of weight, fullness and texture that we experience in the mouth when drinking it. This sensation is the result of the interaction of several factors, such as alcohol content, dry extract concentration, tannins and the general structure of the wine. A full-bodied wine is perceived as denser, with a greater sense of presence on the palate and a longer lasting consistency.
Ribera del Duero: A Special Terroir for Reds with Body
The Ribera del Duero, in Spain, is one of the most recognized wine regions in the world. Its red wines, in particular, are renowned for their intensity and complexity. The region’s continental climate and altitude create ideal conditions for growing the Tempranillo grape variety, also known as Tinto Fino or Tinta del País, which is the star of the area.
Bodegas Federico: Passion for Excellence
Within this emblematic terroir, is Bodegas Federico, a family winery with a tradition rooted in the production of high quality wines. His dedication and respect for the land is reflected in each glass of his wines.
Red Oak: The Freshness of Youth
The Red Oak from Bodegas Federico is a young and vibrant wine that shows the primordial essence of the Tempranillo grape. This medium-low bodied wine is characterized by its freshness and liveliness. Being aged in oak barrels for 8 months, subtle notes of wood are obtained that complement its fruitiness.

Red Crianza: Maturity and Elegance
The Crianza wine from Bodegas Federico represents a step forward in complexity and body. Aged for 14 months in oak barrels and refined in the bottle, this red acquires greater structure and captivating harmony. With its soft and round tannins, the Crianza offers a refined experience.
Red Reserve: The Greatness of Time
Reserve wines are the result of patience and care in their aging process. Bodegas Federico pampers its Reserva for a minimum of 36 months, of which at least 12 are spent in oak barrels. This results in a complex wine, with a medium-high body, enriched with developed flavors and aromas. Each sip is a trip back in time.
Gran Reserva Red: The Pinnacle of Body and Elegance
The Gran Reserva wine from Bodegas Federico epitomizes the pinnacle of excellence. With a prolonged aging of at least 60 months, of which 24 months are in oak barrels, this red is a true treasure. Its full body and its seductive elegance will define you in a unique experience that will last in the memory.
The body of the wine is an essential dimension that reveals the richness and personality of the Ribera del Duero reds. Bodegas Federico, with his passion and dedication, has managed to create a range of wines that highlight these unique characteristics. From the youthful and fresh Tinto Roble to the majestic Gran Reserva, each wine is a testament to the terroir and the art behind it. We invite all wine lovers to discover the soul of Ribera del Duero red wines at Bodegas Federico.