Wine Vocabulary VII

Understanding and using the right language can greatly enrich your wine experience. From basic terms to more sophisticated expressions, this is a linguistic journey so you can enjoy each sip of wine even more. Acidity is a fundamental...

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diccionario del vino tinto federico

The cry of the vine

Vine weeping is a phenomenon that has captured the attention of wine connoisseurs and lovers for centuries. This term refers to the release of small droplets of liquid that emanate from fresh cuts on vine trunks or branches, similar to...


Bacchus Awards, quality guarantee

The Bacchus Awards are an internationally renowned event that celebrates excellence in the world of wine. Organized by the Spanish Union of Tasters (UEC). These awards, created in 1996, have the main objective of recognizing and...

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Opening a bottle of wine, a ritual to enjoy

Opening a bottle of wine can be a fascinating ritual, the beginning of a sensory experience that culminates in tasting a drink that has been carefully crafted.If you are not familiar with the process, it may be a little intimidating,...