The Ribera del Duero vineyard in April

The arrival of April marks a crucial moment in the life cycle of the Ribera del Duero vineyards. When spring arrives, significant changes occur, starting a new cycle in the vineyard, a time of much work in the field.At the beginning of April, the vineyards of the Ribera del Duero emerge from their winter lethargy, which is when the “weeping of the vine” occurs. The first weeks of the month are usually cool and often rainy, ideal conditions to awaken the vines from their winter rest. Temperatures gradually begin to rise, and the soil becomes drenched with the moisture needed to nourish early plant growth.
As the month progresses, a gradual change can be observed in the landscape, buds begin to appear on the vines, a clear sign that nature is awakening. The first tender leaves make their way, giving a touch of greenery to the fields that previously seemed barren.
With increasing temperatures and hours of sunlight, vines accelerate their growth. In mid-April, the vineyards of Ribera del Duero are a spectacle of activity. The vines grow quickly and become energetic, absorbing nutrients from the soil and transforming them into vigorous shoots. This process, known as foliation, is essential for the further development of grapes.

The buds gradually begin to emerge and develop, swelling and elongating to form new shoots. Over time, the first rudimentary leaves will begin to appear on the bare stems, which will gradually open until the first branches emerge.
Later come late frosts, a constant threat in April, especially during cold nights. Excess water can also cause excessive vine growth, which will affect the quality of the grapes, and can also cause fungal diseases.
As the month comes to an end, Ribera del Duero prepares for a crucial period: flowering. During flowering, the vines produce tiny flowers that will eventually grow into clusters of grapes. The temperature and humidity at this time are critical for the success of this stage.
April is a month of transformation in the vineyards of the Ribera del Duero, this period sets the stage for a successful wine growing season. The subtle but significant changes that occur during this month are a powerful reminder of the beauty and complexity of viticulture, where nature and human skill come together to create some of the most exceptional wines like the red wines from Bodegas Federico. in Pesquera de Duero.