Green pruning of the vineyard

Green pruning is an essential viticultural practice to guarantee the proper development and production of the vineyards. It consists of the removal of shoots, leaves and clusters during the growth cycle of the vine, with the purpose of regulating the load of fruits, improving the quality of the harvest and the health of the plants.
These shoots and clusters, in addition to consuming resources such as nutrients and water, also negatively affect the quality of the grape, by subjecting it to greater competition for these resources.
Green pruning is usually carried out during the spring or summer, when the vine is in full growth.
One of the main objectives of green pruning is to regulate the production of the vine; By removing part of the clusters, the fruit load on the plant is reduced, which allows a better balance between vegetation and production. This avoids overloading the plant and helps avoid problems such as grape immaturity, low sugar concentration and lack of color in the grapes.
Another important benefit of green pruning is the improvement in the quality of the selected bunches, by eliminating unwanted shoots and bunches, the energy of the plant is concentrated in the remaining bunches. This results in higher quality grapes, with better flavor, aroma and organoleptic characteristics.

On the other hand, by removing leaves and shoots that obstruct air circulation and light penetration, humidity inside the vine is reduced, which helps prevent fungal diseases and favors a more uniform ripening of the grapes. Adequate exposure to the sun facilitates the formation of phenolic compounds in the skin of the grapes, which are responsible for its colour, aroma and tannic structure.
Green pruning also plays a crucial role in the formation and management of the vineyard structure. During the early stages of vine growth, side shoots can be removed and growth directed towards a trunk structure and main arms, making future grape harvesting and handling easier. This is especially important in trellised vineyards, where a controlled growth of the vine is sought to facilitate cultivation and harvesting.
Green pruning is a fundamental technique in the cultivation of the vine and in the production of quality wines, such as those made at Bodegas Federico: Red Federico Roble, Red Federico Crianza, Red Federico Reserva and Red Federico Gran Reserva.