The Zarcillo Awards

The Zarcillo Awards are a renowned distinction in the world of wine, which have left a significant mark on the wine industry. These awards have become a reference for wine producers and lovers, with a rich history and a crucial role in the promotion and recognition of the quality of wines.
The name of these awards was chosen because the tendrils are a fundamental part of the vine plant which, as a climbing plant, needs the tendrils for support and growth.
The history of the Zarcillo Awards dates back to 1991, thanks to an initiative of the Junta de Castilla y León that decided to create a competition that would highlight the quality of the wines produced in the region. Since then, the competition has evolved and gained prestige, extending its reach to include wines from all over the world. Until 1999 the Zarcillo awards were annual, from that year on they began to be biennial and included national and international references.
The uniqueness of the Zarcillo Awards lies in its comprehensive and rigorous approach to the evaluation of participating wines. The selection process is carried out by expert judges, professional tasters and winemakers, who apply strict criteria to evaluate aspects such as the color, aroma, flavor and structure of each wine. This meticulous process ensures that only the highest quality wines are recognized with a Zarcillo.
The Zarcillo Awards attract a wide variety of producers, from small family wineries to large wine companies, reflecting the richness and diversity of the global wine landscape.

The recognition obtained at the Zarcillo Awards not only translates into prestige, but also has a significant impact on the market. Award-winning wines gain visibility and attract the attention of both consumers and international distributors.
The Zarcillo Awards include various distinctions, Zarcillos de Oro, Zarcillos de Plata and the coveted Great Zarcillo de Oro. The latter is awarded to the wine that stands out not only for its excellence, but for its exceptional character and its contribution to the world of wine. Winning a Great Golden Zarcillo is an achievement that transcends national borders and consolidates the position of the winery and the wine on the international scene.
There are numerous Zarcillo Awards obtained by Bodegas Federico: Tinto Federico Gran Reserva obtained the Gran Zarcillo de Oro in 2001. Tinto Federico Reserva, Crianza and Roble have obtained Zarcillo de Oro and Plata awards in different years, 1999/2003/2007/ 2009/2015/2018 and 2021.
The Zarcillo Awards ceremony has become a prominent event in the wine calendar, bringing together producers, winemakers, distributors and wine lovers. These awards are not simply a wine competition, they are a symbol of the dedication, passion and excellence that defines the wine industry, while playing a vital role in the promotion and prestige of this industry.