Wine Museum in Peñafiel a journey through wine culture

Peñafiel, a town located in the heart of the Ribera del Duero, very close to Pesquera de Duero and with more than 800 years of wine-growing history behind it, has earned its reputation as one of the cradles of wine in Spain.
As we approach Peñafiel we cannot take our eyes off its imposing castle, whose structure adjusts to the topography of the promontory, adopting the appearance of an immense ship and providing panoramic views of the vineyards that extend at its feet.
The building, built in the 14th century, is an impressive work of architecture that has been carefully adapted to house the Provincial Wine Museum. Fusing medieval history with contemporary passion for wine, it is an essential destination for those passionate about culture and everything that surrounds the world of wine.
The Wine Museum, opened in 1999, stands as a monument celebrating this heritage, offering visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of wine.
Upon entering the Wine Museum, visitors are greeted by an exhibition that ranges from the ancient history of viticulture to modern production techniques. Transporting us through time, while revealing the importance of wine in the daily life of ancient civilizations. From religious ceremonies to popular festivities, wine has always been a vital component of culture and society.
One of the most captivating sections of the Museum is the one dedicated to traditional winemaking. Here, we can see up close the instruments and tools that were used in ancient winepresses, as well as the artisanal methods that defined wine production for centuries. The authenticity of this exhibition provides a palpable connection to the past, allowing visitors to appreciate the dedication and skill that winemaking required in ancient times.

As the tour progresses, the Museum takes us through the innovations and technological advances that have transformed the wine industry over the years. From the introduction of controlled fermentation, to modern aging techniques in oak barrels, each step in the evolution of winemaking is presented in an educational and accessible way. Interactive models, touch screens and audiovisual projections enrich the experience in an entertaining and educational way.
One of the jewels of the Wine Museum is its underground cellar, a network of passages and chambers where you can explore the ideal conditions for aging the region’s wines. These underground spaces, originally built to store and preserve wine, add a unique dimension to the visit, immersing visitors in the authentic atmosphere of a traditional winery.
In addition to the permanent exhibition, the Museum organizes events and activities that complement the experience. Wine tastings led by expert winemakers, pairing workshops and guided tours of nearby vineyards are just some of the options available for those who wish to further explore the world of wine.
The Wine Museum not only highlights the history and technique behind wine, but also celebrates the culture and identity of the region. Temporary exhibitions dedicated to local artists, wine crafts and cultural events add an additional layer of depth to the museum experience, connecting wine to the very fabric of the community.
The Wine Museum in Peñafiel is a must-see, a tribute to the rich history and tradition, offering a comprehensive view of the history, technique and wine culture of the area.
If you visit the Museum, just 8 minutes away is Pesquera de Duero. Before entering Pesquera, on the left bank, we will be waiting for you at Bodegas Federico, come see us, you will not regret it!!